sphinx.ext.viewcode – Add links to highlighted source code

Module author: Georg Brandl

New in version 1.0.

This extension looks at your Python object descriptions (.. class::, .. function:: etc.) and tries to find the source files where the objects are contained. When found, a separate HTML page will be output for each module with a highlighted version of the source code, and a link will be added to all object descriptions that leads to the source code of the described object. A link back from the source to the description will also be inserted.

There are currently no configuration values for this extension; you just need to add 'sphinx.ext.viewcode' to your extensions value for it to work.

There is also an additional config value:


If this is True, viewcode extension will follow alias objects that imported from another module such as functions, classes and attributes. As side effects, this option else they produce nothing. The default is True.


viewcode_import imports the modules to be followed real location. If any modules have side effects on import, these will be executed by viewcode when sphinx-build is run.

If you document scripts (as opposed to library modules), make sure their main routine is protected by a if __name__ == '__main__' condition.

New in version 1.3.